Walk on the Waterfall!

This is a beautiful walking bridge by Brandywine Falls in Ohio. A beautiful summer day and the natural green of the leaves did come out beautiful but when I put on this filter it made the photo glow. I love this shot down the bridge as the sun came through the trees. I’ll put the waterfall photo under this one. Please visit my Instagram page for all of my other work, thanks!

Camera – Note 514290015_10206167852429959_8812956373696918749_oThis is an amazing waterfall. The top of the waterfall seemed to give the best view. There’s a spot where you can get the whole waterfall through the trees and it was a lot of fun.

Camera – Note 5



Bridge through the Brush!

A Beautiful day out shooting photos in the spring. This bridge came out amazing and there is an effect that I used, it’s called color lead painting. It’s from the app toolwiz photos. Sometimes it takes a lot of using different tools and different effects to get something that you love. It’s a lot of fun though. Please visit my Instagram page for all of my other work, thanks!

Camera – Note 5



Sun Glow through the Trees

I love how everything came together in this one. This is another early spring photo from this year just a couple months back. It wasn’t exactly sunset yet but close as the sun was shining though the trees. This is not black and white either it’s just how the photo came out. I did crop the photo a little and adjusted the contrast and clarity and that’s about it. Please visit my Instagram page for all my other work, Thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10016825925_10207301130721208_1015083202032206522_o

Beautiful Trail!

This is a walking trail in a nearby park. When I was editing it at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. There were beautiful colors and this was the Autumn season, but the trail had that beautiful Autumn color and with the leaves it just stood out so much. This one was a lot of fun to edit and I love how it came out. Please visit my Instagram page, thanks!

Camera – Galaxy S5

Tree by the Lake

This is my first black and white that I’m posting on my blog. This one did come out very colorful but when I put it black and white it just looked amazing. You get a feeling when your editing photos and the photo looks perfect. It’s all about your own style and how the photo looks to you and the beauty you see in it. I had fun editing this photo. Please visit my Instagram page, thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10015895548_10206999162772198_2636031649893146651_o.jpg