Tree by the Lake

This is my first black and white that I’m posting on my blog. This one did come out very colorful but when I put it black and white it just looked amazing. You get a feeling when your editing photos and the photo looks perfect. It’s all about your own style and how the photo looks to you and the beauty you see in it. I had fun editing this photo. Please visit my Instagram page, thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10015895548_10206999162772198_2636031649893146651_o.jpg


Sun Reflection

This is one of my favorite photos. The sun was on my side this day. I wanted to keep the sun in the photo because it has such a strong reflection on the river and you can see the sunlight beaming as well. This was shot in January so it was cold but the leaves on the ground really bring out that natural color which warms the whole photo up a bit. There were no filters used on this one just some adjusting with the contrast and color. Please visit my Instagram page, thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10015972464_10207004776432536_7838536679773502078_o