Spring Bee!

This is one of my favorites. It was a very warm spring day and I saw the bee flying around a few different flowers then go up to this one. There are no filters on this one, all of the natural colors just came out so beautifully.   Please visit my Instagram page for more of my work, thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10018402236_10207873513390417_5690121649419786119_o


Beautiful Creek

This photo really is everything that is spring. The colors are so bright and vibrant, the leaves are new, and it was a beautiful day in the forest. I didn’t put any filters on this one, this is another photo where everything just came together beautifully. Please visit my Instagram page for all my other work, thanks!

Camera – Galaxy S517492350_10207558973367113_1814152466470035002_o

Sun Glow through the Trees

I love how everything came together in this one. This is another early spring photo from this year just a couple months back. It wasn’t exactly sunset yet but close as the sun was shining though the trees. This is not black and white either it’s just how the photo came out. I did crop the photo a little and adjusted the contrast and clarity and that’s about it. Please visit my Instagram page for all my other work, Thanks!

Camera – Sony RX10016825925_10207301130721208_1015083202032206522_o

Beautiful Trail!

This is a walking trail in a nearby park. When I was editing it at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. There were beautiful colors and this was the Autumn season, but the trail had that beautiful Autumn color and with the leaves it just stood out so much. This one was a lot of fun to edit and I love how it came out. Please visit my Instagram page, thanks!

Camera – Galaxy S5